5 important life lessons learned during hard times.

Life throws a lot of unexpected curve balls our way. As human beings, we are created to adapt to situations and make changes where we see fit. We are now faced with a global pandemic where a lot of things are at a standstill. Economically and socially leaving a lot of people feeling baseless.

I believe our spirituality is a personal relationship with our creator. Thus cannot be affected by what is happening around us. In my opinion, we should be at a place where our spirituality is strong regardless of our current situation.

Let us look at some of the lessons I have learned and which you can too in these times.

  1. Slowing down and taking one day at a time.

As the saying goes live and let live. Even before this global pandemic people were moving fast working extra hard to earn a living. This for some people means working extra long hours to make ends meet. We lose ourselves in the daily grind and still do not get a great sense of achievement after all that hard work.

Look around you….

Due to the restrictions set by our authorities on the movement of people. It really hit me that I had so much around me but no time to slow down. None of that was financial but rather of far greater value.

For me, that was my family, friends, and my home environment. I got to realize that all these needed my attention than what I had earlier on thought I was giving. Thanks to digital platforms we are able to talk and see our loved ones irrespective of where they are.

So slow down try and look around you. See what you have been missing that is of value to you and give it your attention. You will be so grateful that you did. These times have really shown me what really matters in life

  1. Realizing that I/you can actually live on way less money.

As a budgeter(kinda!) living on less has been my norm. I just did not know that we(my family and I) could live on way less. I am amazed at the amount of money we are surviving on at these hard times 😲! When you think that you could not squeeze your money more than you do……. think again you could actually go lower and still not go hungry or feel deprived. Stretching your meals, being creative in the kitchen is one way of doing it.

We can live on way less…..

You have to change your mindset, way of life, and embrace new ideas and ways of doing things. Since we are on the subject of money, these times have seen a lot of people jobless, business owners suffering huge losses causing financial panic. With the hope that things are going to get better. I will continue to live frugally and focus on saving and planning for experiences that bring great memories.

  1. Taking care of our physical health, mental health and spiritual health is paramount.

If you are a person who takes care of themselves always thumbs up for you. For those who do not the great news is it is never too late to start.

Health and fitness.

I suffer from a reproductive hormonal imbalance check out my story. Weight gain has been real but I finally slowed down and started taking care of myself. Taking measures to better my situation and this goes also for the mental and spiritual areas of my life.

  1. Being creative helps and takes us a long way.

We are different and so we are blessed differently but each and every one of us has an ability or rather a creative element in us. Take it upon yourself to bring out that element in you. For example, you could be so good at decorations but have never really had the time to showcase your creativity since you work on different things on a daily b

Inspire yourself….

But at this time where we are all in one way or another locked in our homes and have had the time to look around our home environment and realize we can make our spaces great take the opportunity and showcase your talents in your own home. This goes for so many talents or creatives. Let us look at some more of these examples: Landscapers, fashion designers, cooks, and bakers we could go on and on the list is endless. Even stay at home mothers who have mastered the art of homemaking are a good example of creative people.

Creativity=positivity and taking time to learn ourselves and what we can do is the best gift anyone can give to themselves or others.

  1. Gratitude for:
  • Social connectivity

We take for granted a lot of things like the people you meet at church/place of worship and chat with after the service, your co-workers, your hairdresser, the neighborhood kids who greet you on your way out and in while making noise in the hood 😏. Well, I miss all that and will forever be more grateful for being able to experience this with people around me. Or just being able to call, facetime or text our valued ones is something we should never take for granted.

  • Appreciating people who feed our souls spiritually especially on these digital platforms.

There is a lot of quality material that is free on these digital platforms that help us to grow spiritually, these digital products have been created by great generous people for our spirituality. People who have taken their time to come up with these great programs for the sake of humanity.

As a blogger/content creator it is no easy work to create content so for someone to come up with these avenues or products where we can access such we need to have gratitude towards these people. These could be YouTubers who preach the word of God or online products like free bible apps.

So take time to discover what you have let slip by you that could be of value and embrace it while practicing gratitude, patience,self-care and a healthy spiritual base. I have found that these things or actions bring happiness and joy during these hard times and they go a long way in preparation for a new normal for tomorrow or the days to come.

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