A letter to myself.

Dear Priscillah,

This letter has been a long time coming. I am finally happy to be putting these words on paper for you. How is everything coming up? I remember from our last communication that you had so much planned for this year 2020. 

Hoping and praying that you will be able to achieve the things you wanted to. At least get most of them done regardless of the pandemic setbacks. Probably have some done and already ticked from your achievement list.

I am well and proud of you. Taking the step to starting your journey to achieve one of your dreams. Having a blog where you share your experiences with people through creating content.

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Remember how you were so scared and did not know where to start! look at you now even sharing tips on blogging tools and resources with your blog readers!😀 I checked out your recommendation on the theme and it is truly an awesome resource for blog/website owners. 

This made me so happy. I knew then that you had gotten over your procrastination and faced your fear of the unknown. By pushing through and making it happen!😊

I also want you to know and encourage you that achieving dreams is possible. Through hard work, consistency, discipline, and originality in whatever you do. By changing our habits to reflect better ones that improve our overall performance.

Do not ever doubt yourself and your capabilities! Do not let people stress you and put you down due to their own insecurities and failures but shine. 

Do not give yourself excuses but rather push and achieve your goals and dreams. Time flies and once it is gone you cannot have it back it is one special commodity. Do not waste it, use it well and you will be happy that you did.

More so trust in God and pray every step of the way in whatever you do. Oh, by the way, I will be making a trip to your town in the coming two weeks. I would really love to have dinner at your home. To enjoy some of your tasty food, sauces, and ginger tea!.

I love you so much, remember every day is a new day to see yourself grow to full potential. Do not look back at your past failures as an excuse to hold you back. I want to see you winning. I will help you to be a light in a dark room because I know who you are. I know you know me well too and I love you so much.

Love your friend.

Hey, guys, I want to encourage you to write yourself a letter as a friend. Be loving to yourself, congratulate yourself on all the steps of improvement you have made. Let me know in the comments sections.

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4 thoughts on “A letter to myself.”

  1. Awesome, she’s such a true friend.
    It was nice reading what she has to say about you.
    Keep on doing what you love, remember during the sowing session you will always be alone but the riping time comes, ooooh we will all be here to celebrate you.
    I love your content and the journey is going on great.

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