Discovering Who You Are.

Do you know who you are?. I have asked myself this question several times at different points in my life and each time the answer is different. Knowing who you are relative because everyone has their description of identity. For some people, this question is easy for some hard. 

Who are you?

Discover yourself.

Some may say they are a:

  • Teacher.
  • Singer.
  • Farmer.
  • Artist.
  • Blogger.
  • Designer, etc.

All these things are not what makes who we are. They just make what we have become after training ourselves the skills that make us professionals in these fields.

We invest so much time and money sharpening these areas of our lives. So that we can be the best at what we do. It is one of the ways society describes it as a success.

Checklist for discovering who you are 😊.

To be utterly sure of who you are, ask yourself one question if what you say you are is taken or ends does your life stop?  If your answer is Yes then evaluate who you are.

Who you are as a person, in my opinion, is a matter of character/inner self-affirmation. It should not be something that can be taken away from you.

Storytime 😊

I will let you in on a bit of my personal story of who I am and how I discovered my identity.

For the longest time, I thought that my identity was in so many different things and people. I thought it was on my job/career, family and friends, religion, and so on.

My time and energy were spent on being the best I can be in these sections of my life. Do not get me wrong, having people you care for is mandatory in life considering that man is not an island. They are still an important part of my life but they are not the main part of who I am/my identity.

I would work on my job/career, relationships and be religious with a passion thinking that my joy and life’s satisfaction came from these things but sadly they did not.

It took a lot of disappointments in these relationships, career/job, and religion to make me realize that I was not completely joyful. I had to deeply search within myself and evaluate what makes me happy and satisfied that is not dependent on anything else.

Evaluation of religion.

As a Christian going to church and listening to summons only did not expose me to the feeling of total completeness but being in deep connection with the word of God did.

Being in connection with God and knowing him by doing certain things like reading the bible, praying, and reflecting on the word of God. Being in religion did not completely help me in finding my identity but being spiritual did. Spirituality to me is being in a close connection with a spirit in my case the holy spirit.

This point opened my eyes to the true nature of who I am. I am a child of God, a spiritual being.  Not feeding the most essential part of my life was making me lose all the Joy, purpose, and identity.

I know who I am now and am so happy and joyful.

Evaluation of my career/job.

I used to work an 8-5 job, and sometimes I worked even longer hours. Loved it due to the rewards and it also gave a sense/feeling of being productive.

Not finding a balance in life regarding my career/job messed up other parts of my life especially the social and religious part. I would have important events of people who matter to me pass by and it left me sad.

After taking the time to find out who I am changed how I viewed my job/career at that time and even opened me up to greater opportunities. Through connecting with my spirituality I got to understand myself more and identify my talents. This led to this point in my blogging journey that I am so proud of!

Evaluating relationships.

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Finding joy and purpose in people is misguiding. I realized that I had to find my identity first before looking up to anybody. It was that simple yet hard.

Knowing yourself prompts you to make and grow better relationships based on truth and honesty. It also makes you walk out on unhealthy relationships as well.

Knowing myself as a spiritual being and learning about being loved unconditionally by my creator has helped me pass on the same love people in my life and friends alike.

Kindly keep in mind this is my opinion that has been shared to help someone out there who is going through a phase where they are trying to discover themselves. And also to get in touch or resonate with someone who has been in such a stage in their life.

Invest in materials that will open up your mind to opportunities in your areas of interest. Reading and listening are some of the most important ways of growing yourself. Check out this awesome resource that will help you to kick start or continue being a reader and listener of great books from some of the world’s best authors.

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