Living With PCOS and how to manage it.

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Check out my PCOS story here to get a little history about my PCOS journey and the symptoms of the condition. We are going to be looking at some of the side effects of the disease and the best practice of managing the condition from my own experience.

PCOS is not much of a spoken topic where I come from. People are more conservative when it comes to matters affecting women. I choose to talk about it and connect with women going through the same and finding solutions/ways of making things better.


I do not claim to be an expert on matters concerning PCOS. I only have the experience of handling the condition in the best way I know-how.

A PCOS diagnosis can put you down and lead you in a train of stress and depression if not handled well. Because different symptoms appear at varying times depending on the stage or level which you are. 

For example, PCOS on young adults when managed well could even render the condition dormant. That is to say, the younger you are the milder the symptoms. Again I say this out of my experience.

The only difference is I did not handle the condition well during my much younger years. Still young by the way 😉. PCOS is a condition caused by hormonal imbalance. The body fights hard to maintain a balance because of it. PCOS may affect most bodily functions.


The inability to conceive.

The hormonal imbalance caused by PCOS can affect how the ovaries function. The cysts surround the ovaries and disrupt the ovulation process thus making conceiving a hard task to achieve.

Please at this point try not to get stressed. I know it’s hard not to, but remember as your stress levels rise negative signals are sent from your brain to your body making it even harder to conceive because stress also affects our bodily functions.

The first step to healing infertility caused by PCOS is following your doctors’ direction and taking the prescribed medication. I did this for some time but later on, felt the need to take a break from all the hormonal medication because my body was not taking it well. Listen to your body and give it what it needs.

If step number one works for you that is great. I had to find other ways that did not involve taking hormonal drugs to give my body a break.

  • Diet change- A healthy diet that consists of unprocessed foods,low-carbs, anti-inflammatory foods, and healthy proteins can help heal PCOS.
  • Taking supplements that contain Iron, Magnesium, Zinc, turmeric, primrose oil and vitamin A and D can also help especially if you experience heavy bleeding during your regular/irregular periods, reduce inflammation, and regulate sex hormones.

There is one brand, in particular, that is working well on my body and I can feel the positive changes. These, in particular, primrose oil, and Vitamin and D

Please understand that I am recommending the product due to my great experience with it. It is a plus that I can get to promote the product while healing from it too 😊.

Consult with your doctor and discuss the best options for you. There are many great brands to choose from but take the time to research and go for expert opinions.

Excessive weight gain.

I am still in the struggle of achieving a healthy weight. Yes, I say it’s a struggle because sometimes my weight drops ‘not significantly’, and sometimes my weight goes up ‘significantly’ 😅. Over time I have come to find a balance that has seen me losing weight gradually but steadily.

  • Changing to healthy habits got me on the road to managing PCOS. It can do the same for you too. Creating a health routine that comprises exercising and a healthy diet from what you have for your morning drinks and throughout the day. This calls for discipline. Discipline is all about the will, just think about your weight and what you want to achieve and boom! Getting up and exercising becomes your second nature.

Remember the exercises do not have to be super intense they just need to be enough to help you burn the extra calories your body doesn’t need but has trouble getting rid of. Consistency is key here.

Make sure you have the right tools for the exercises. Workout attire/gear of your choice is a must. I thrifted mine 😊 and they were such a great deal and of high quality.

If you can please do not thrift your workout shoes unless they are almost new. They are crucial because when working out you need the shoes to have a proper grip on the soles connecting with the ground or floor. Especially for exercises that involve applying pressure caused by your weight while moving on your feet. The inner soles need to be in tip-top condition or else could cause injuries to your legs.

Below exercises are some of my favorites and great for weight loss:

-Skipping rope- Great for indoor workouts.

-Walking- Best for outdoor workouts, you can set targets and hike in hilly terrain with beautiful scenery. Or walk in your nearby park. I find that this relaxes my mind while helping my body shed the extra weight.

These exercises are not a loose weight quick scheme. They need the discipline of consistency to achieve the best results.

Another simple yet effective routine that has helped exercise my mind is reading or listening to audible books and podcasts. It takes your thoughts from your PCOS situation while giving you time to help your body manage the condition through some of the above methods.

My exercise gear wish list .

Fossil smart watch.

Dumbbells to tone my arms.

-Work out leggings.

Do not go through dealing with PCOS alone, reach out to someone or a community where people are going through the same situation, and coming up with solutions and share with them. Having a support system can go a long way and assist you to cope.

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    A voice to the shy and weak, keep up the conversation going.
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  2. Thank you at simply Mlosh am continuing to understand this condition and how to take care of yourself.. Good job

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