Skin/facial care Routine Using Aloe vera Plus Self-care Products For The Body.

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In my teenage years and twenties, I had no need of using any product because my facial skin was always at its best. Now in my early thirties, the story is a bit different 😅😅. Since I have never used any products on my face, I am going only natural for now.

The routine below is simple and natural and will stay so as long as it works for me. If you are a person who likes it easy and simple but high impact walk with me and possibly try this routine too.

Note: I have been doing this for 4 days now at night and loving waking up to the silky smooth feel of a moisturized face.

Before we jump into the routine, Let us look at the benefits of aloe vera on the skin:

  1. It is a great moisturizer.
  2. Removes skin blemishes/spots.
  3. Reduces acne and infection.
  4. Itis an anti-aging ingredient.
  5. Heals wounds and soothes the skin.


  1. Wash your face with water and soap of your choice to remove any dirt/oily substance.
  2. Take the aloe vera leaf and cut a piece of it. Then slice the piece that you have in half on the middle section to get the gel of the leaf and apply the gel on your face in circular motions. Note that the gel dries quickly and does not leave streaks or signs of any product application. Those who are not able to get the aloe vera leaf can check out these Aloe vera gel options so do not worry.

Effects/ what to expect when applying the gel:

While applying the aloe vera leaf extract/gel there was mild itching(not serious almost non-existent feeling but it fades after every application) on the pimple/acne-affected areas of my face.

See the photo of my current situation.

Full face photo.
forehead situation 🙂

Note: Being my fourth day of application the pimples are starting to dry up they were not dry at all when I started this. I messed up should have taken a picture on the first day of my application 😟😟.

So far so good, I am loving the results and feel of my face 😀. That said guys, I will check in with you in four weeks’ time and update on the progress. 

On to other basic self-care products for the body.

Some people love their body products in different forms. Some in lotions, oils, and others in petroleum jelly form depending on what works best for each individual.

I personally use and love the smooth and minimal fragrance type of petroleum jelly on my body. Ballet petroleum jelly has worked great for my skin especially when I apply it straight from the shower because my skin is damp with water. This helps to further moisturize. 

For my country, people click “Ballet petroleum jelly” above and get yourself some :).

It has some fragrances/flavors but my teenage daughter and I love the butter blend and aloe vera jelly.

See aloe vera benefits above 👆 on this post. The butter blend is my favorite because it contains shea and cocoa butter.

The shea and cocoa butter have great benefits: 

  1. Great for removing stretch marks and scarring.
  2. Reducing wrinkles and fine lines on the skin.
  3. Relieving cracked nipples, lips, and skin due to its moisturizing effect.
  4. Healing burns, bruises, and bedsores.
  5. Relieving itchy skin.

Note: For babies, the ballet aloe vera is great in healing nappy rash.

Now let us have a look at the skin under our arms 😊.

Our armpits are a very sensitive area that should be taken care of using non-harsh products to eliminate the odor from perspiration.

I know there are many great products out there for the same but I only recommend what has really worked for me. In this case, Garnier roll on.

I have used it for two weeks and it is awesome. It leaves my underarms feeling moisturized and fresh. The darkening I have on my armpits is slowly reducing. I am so happy to have discovered this product. Try it you will not regret it!

I will in the foreseeable future post an update with photos and talk about it 😂😂.

Simplicity is key in all that we do even our skincare/self-care routines.

The less time it takes, the easier it is the better for everyone considering the busy lives we lead. The beauty of it all is that all this is very affordable and great for anyone on a low budget.

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