Staying Sane In The World Today.

We have all been through situations in life that have cost us our peace of mind.

This could probably be caused by issues that have spiraled out of hand on our finances/economic, spirituality, and social(our interactions or relationships with people).

Staying sane is a choice, a tough choice at that but the best. I say it is a choice because as much as we do not choose to be in tough situations that bring about stress or lack of sleep we do have the power to make decisions to bring ourselves to a calm and stress-free state.

Though some situations are inevitable and out of our control like the current global pandemic. We have the choice to adapt to the situation and learn to live with it while making the most(positive things) out of the circumstances.

When you feel your faith and self-esteem are dwindling because things have not gone your way. Remember to pray and remind yourself why you serve the God that you serve.

You might ask, “How do I do this when things are out of control?”. “How do I continue to stay calm and pray when everything around me is falling?”

Stay focused on positivity and away from negative people that corrupt your mind to make the situation worse. 


There’s a saying that explains how the universe awards us with good things based upon positive proclamations in our lives. Positivity attracts good energy that is responsible for great personal results in productivity through our minds and body. Surround yourself with people or things that bring joy and peace in your life.

Be with people that encourage you and push you to greater heights in your spiritual and social life.

Things to do to encourage positivity:

  1. Listening to podcasts that promote self-improvement.
  2. Self positive Affirmation.
  3. Cultivating healthy relationships.
  4. Turn failures into valuable lessons and pick yourself up.
  5. Read your bible.
Keeping away from negative people.

This where you allow bad energy into you causing your mind and body to function unproductively. 

How to know such people.

These could be people who feed you with wrong advice and are constantly pushing you to the direction that is leading you far from your goals, dreams, etc.
Their advice never really does you any good and always gets you in trouble.
When you meet and talk you always leave depressed and confused because nothing they say helps out and so on.

Living within or below your means and not trying to keep up with the Joneses.

Many of us tend to fall into this trap of trying to have what other people have to look good in the eyes of these people. Well, it is not worth it!

This will only lead you into financial constraints and then stress, all in the name of keeping up!. Stay in your lane. Know what is yours and what isn’t and when to get it.

Cultivating a planning habit and having goals helps you stick to achieving the best while knowing what is right for you and helping you avoid getting into unplanned financial situations.

Learning and knowing when to say Yes and No.

If you want to stay sane in this world today, you will have to know and learn when to say Yes or No to people and situations.

You could be so full of empathy that you want to be there for everyone forgetting that there is only much you can do and end up taking all the stress of others. Here your intentions are good but you should not say Yes to your empathic self all the time. Learn to say No and let others deal with their chaos and distress.

Sometimes you cannot free them from this chaos and distress as much as you would want to help them out. Learn that not everything is yours to fix.

Step up for yourself, take action, put yourself first.

You cannot take care of others if you do not take care of yourself first. Assess your strengths and weaknesses and understand you first

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Reward yourself

This does not have to be in monetary value. It could be finding time for self-care and this could be in the form of meditation or pursuing your hobbies, for example, Art, Music, Reading or listening to books, starting a passion project, etc.

Do not feel guilty investing time or resources to yourself when you have to.
This helps you to be more available to others and grow them to become better and appreciate themselves as you do. It is not selfish but rather healthy to do this.
Always work on self-improvement.

Stepping up and taking action.

Do something about a situation you do not like. If you feel oppressed, speak out. You see injustice around you, act, or speak against such injustices. If you do not feel comfortable with your weight, change it and so on. Stop complaining and take action.

The world is insane as it is. So act when you can and you will be a good chance in this crazy world. After all, what is faith without action?
Know what you stand for and fight for it!

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