What I Use To Operate And Market My Blog.

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Part of the success of a blog is determined by what you use to start the blog in terms of the resources you use.

In this post, we will not look into how to start the blog, rather what to use to ensure that your blog operates as a well functioning business.

The materials/resources needed are:



My work in progress workspace πŸ™‚ . Photo taken by me at night with no considerations whatsoever hahaha..

Having a good laptop/desktop machine for your blog is mandatory because you do not want to invest in a machine that will breakdown on you every once in a while. So having reliable hardware where you create your content is the best option for achieving seamless workflow.

If you are looking for a laptop/desktop, no worries see the images below and get to know what worked and still is working for me.

I also use an external keyboard, yes 😊. I am one of those people that are so used to using an external keyboard. So most of the time I plug an external keyboard while working on my laptop.


This is not mandatory as there are many ways you can note and plan without using paper. If you are an old-school like me then notebooks and sticky notes are a part of your workspace materials.


I have never had a major problem with my hosting service. The few times that there have been issues(which most of the time are mostly as a result of me not understanding the terms of use πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. they have solved them fast through their 24hr customer service. Check out Godaddy hosting services and more here.


For the first few months of blogging, I used free WordPress themes and they worked great for me but as time went by and more theme trials later. I finally settled on a theme that is easy to customize, lightweight, and talk of being affordable you name it! Drum rolls, please 😊😊 ASTRA theme!! The theme has proven its worth and works well with the WordPress system.

Whatever kind of niche you are in or if you run a blog shop the Astra theme has it all thank me later πŸ˜‰.

The theme’s ease in customizability made it so interesting and gave me the confidence to explore WordPress because I could change the settings while being able to see how the change will affect the publishing system.


Now, this is the most favorite part of my blogging experience, and here is why. It involves designing and I did not know that I would have a thing for designing until the moment Canva met me πŸ˜‰.

Try Canva Pro Today

Creating pins for Pinterest(one of the best platforms for marketing my blog so far) was once a daunting task, but since I started using Canva it has all become easy. Canva has learning resources for beginners to use and come up with the visual content for your social media posts and so much more.

Check out my Pinterest board for my pins and please click the follow button and support this blogger 😊.

Canva has helped me grow in my creativity through pin creation. Through learning how to create new designs in different ways and formats has cultivated confidence also in content creation.

Internet connection of your choice based on what is offered in your local area.

The resources/materials listed above are recommendations based on my experience. Kindly try them out and let me know if they were helpful to you too. I am sure they will be of effective help to you too.

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